i am: peace of mind

The last few weeks have actually been quite amazing.  After having a baby you don't quite feel as though you 'fit' into your own skin, your hormones are everywhere and you are learning an incredible amount in a very short space of time, just from having a baby. This obviously excludes all the regular things you have to do, cook, clean,  feed baby, look after siblings (if you have more than one little soul), EAT, SLEEP, you get the picture. Its hard!

Today, I feel at peace. My mind is happy with everything and everybody I have surrounding me in my life. I have amazing friends, most of them nowhere near me but always with me. I have an amazing family that just keep proving to me over and over how lucky I am. Today I am taking nothing for granted, I am appreciating everything and thanking everyone in my life for making it a better place to be.

I usually trawl the internet for quotes, I love quotes because however you are feeling, someone older and wiser has probably said it somewhere before. So I will leave you with this quote, and a picture of my newest steady purpose :) Have a great Friday!

Nothing contributes so much to tranquilizing the mind as a steady purpose — a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.
Mary W. Shelley, English Novelist (1797-1851)


Kelly said...

Hi Tam, I love this blog, so glad to hear of your happiness, after my babies where born I know I felt great peace with the world, loving and caring for a family brings life into perspective, give me the smile of my children over millions of dollars any day of the week.
Aurelia is beautiful and already so big xxxx

Delia said...

Oh Tam, she is gorgeous! Your words are so very true, I wish I could do the same and just make peace with my mind. xx