i am: IN LOVE - Rob & Dominica

 Today was bat-out-of-hell crazy weather. I left Northampton for a bit of a road trip with my brother Ricky up to London. We went to go see his old friend from school, Rob and his girlfriend Dominica.  Ridiculously good looking couple, my camera, me, a stunning location and yes folks, today was my little slice of heaven. Even if the weather decided to act like someone with PMS, hey, I will take it. Dominica and Rob, thank you so much for obliging me today, and to Ricky-Lee, the best ninja and reflector holder ever, I salute you brother!


London, I love you. Every, single, stormy, temperamental, sunshine-ing piece of you.


i am: INSPIRED - Test shoot

On Sunday I got together with a friend Rebecca and we made a few pretty pictures. Becki used her wonderful make up skills and made Gynene all pretty for my camera. I used this as an opportunity to experiment with my new equipment and take a few test shots and practise my portraiture photography. These are the shots that made the cut, I hope you enjoy and comments are so so welcome! Thanks!