i am: MY MOTHER'S DAUGHTER ~ Aurelia Luna Antoinette

She has been home for 5 days, we are getting to know each other, we are learning together and making it up as we go along....they say every baby is different...they are right.

Today I decided to get my camera out, take a few pictures, remember that she really does not like having her toes exposed, she screams if she isnt bundled up, and if I dont burp her properly, I will definitely pay for it later...

I love having a newborn again...at the same time I love feeling like my family is complete...Today is a good day :)


i am: mommy...again :)

Well what can I say, this last month has been a complete rollercoaster, very good highs, and some serious lows...or challenges if you will :)

My daughter, Aurelia Luna Antoinette was born on the 9th of April, in a rush to see the world at 34 weeks. At the moment we are still living life between home and hospital, but she is doing better everyday and I can ask for nothing more.

Jeandre, myself and Noah would just love to welcome the newest addition to our family...my girl, you are perfect xx


i.am: MARRIED ~ Laura and Andrew

Laura and Andrew got married at the wonderful Warwick House in Southam, it was a lovely venue to have a wedding and the sun shone the ENTIRE day for them... it was so nice, that we were able to use the wonderful outside space, in MARCH!! Here they are....

and I want to say a special thank you to Simon Bradley of SK-Y photography for second shooting for me! He was the biggest help on the day! Thank you Si!!!