i am: MY MOTHER'S DAUGHTER ~ Aurelia Luna Antoinette

Its a funny thing motherhood. You feel on top of the world one moment, and something small can bring it all crashing down. I have learnt that my children's happiness effects my happiness, in a very profound way. This is something I only touched on with Noah, for the the most part he is always happy and smiling and just generally beaming out sunshine left,right and centre, but with Aurelia, it resonates so loudly it is unbelievable. Noah was the calmest, most placid baby anyone could have every asked for, and to this day he has not changed. The amount of intelligence and wisdom in those young eyes have taught me patience and and incredibly deep love I would never have otherwise known if he did not come into this world. With Aurelia, she is a whole new level. She is not calm or placid at all. She works on two modes at the moment, sleep and scream, there is no inbetween...but today after a good month of crying and fussing and wanting to tear my hair out we had a breakthrough. And this is why motherhood is worth it, and even if you feel low and like something is never ending to the point of being soul destroying, remember the silver lining...the break in the storm, it happens and when it does, its so damn worth it :) I cant wait for more moments like these, the sun was shining today, and I caught every ray :)

The abacus is a little bargain from Ebay, if you get to know anything about me is that I am a bargain hunter and I love things that have been used and loved. This was a present to Noah, he is mad about counting and adding, and maths in general...he loves it, and so do I!

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You're becoming so artistic with shapes, im really enjoying your work, congrats.