i.am: Kiran Lall of RedRock Fasion

Introducing Kiran Lall, a truly talented seamstress and all round nice girl. She is the brains behind the awesome label RedRock Fasion  and is going places people so watch out! We had the most awesome day together hanging out at a lecture Kiran gave at one of her local schools, then we hit our location to shoot some personal photos for her...the sun shone the whole way and this girl makes me LAUGH...HARD. Love you Kiran, you are amazing, gorgeous and insanely talented...cant wait to collaborate with you some more, you complete me...haha!

always hiding behind those glasses...but wait!!


i.am: EXPECTING ~ Natalie

Natalie is a colleague of mine from my day job, and after she went on Maternity we decided we had to get together to do a little shoot before the impending arrival (who by the way is late! How rude!) and get some shots of Nat before she embarks on the great journey that is motherhood. Here is to restful sleep and days filled with flowers and bird song....on second thought it is YOUR daughter after all...maybe not so much. Love ya Nat xxx

you freaking hot devil, look at that!

Here's to a great road ahead, lots of love to you both, and Evie, look after your mother xx

i.am: ENGAGED ~ Travis and Natalie

This was one of the coldest days ever! But what troopers! Natalie and Travis live in London and travelled to Northampton to do this shoot, how awesome of them! Thanks guys, despite the cold we loosened  up and had fun with it. Congratulations on your engagement and I know you will have a fabulous wedding in Cape Town at the end of the year xxx


i.am: ALL WOMAN ~ Jenna

Me and Jenna go way back...to primary school, I live in the UK and she lives in Cape Town, since I have started photography I have wanted to photograph my friend, its been a few years and we are like two passing ships in the night, we keep missing each other. As luck would have it we made some time for each other this time around, and man am I glad we did, I LOVED taking her portrait, she is a model (you cant tell?!?) and she is good at her job, thanks Jen, till the next time xxx

I submitted this photo for a bursary scholarship, it was the first click of the camera for the day and it remains my absolute favourite photo, hands down.

i.am: GROWING UP ~ Georgia

This shoot was with the very animated Georgia! What a pleasure it was to capture her...an absolute pleasure, i will let her tell you the story, so here she is, the Gorgeous Georgia...

simply Georgia xxx GORGE I SAY!