i am: EXPECTING - Natalie & Travis

Natalie and I go waaaaaay back, her sister Andrea, is my 'go to' person. You know, that person you call if you ever 'murdered someone and needed your best friend to help you hide the body' person. So this shoot is really close to me and I have to admit that it has been one of my favourite shoots this year. It started with a fish and chips on Friday night at Natalie's house the evening before we had scheduled the shoot. We decided since we were both early birds we would take advantage of the sunshine that seems to have descended upon London this past weekend and get out there and take advantage of the beautiful, soft morning light.

We added Travis in the mix a bit later on (we gave him a lie in) in Kew Gardens and again with the sunshine and the lovely, afternoon light. I cant wait to meet their baby boy in October, Jaxon, you are already so so loved! From all your Aunties worldwide!

Here they are....Natalie and Travis.

Ta daaaaa!



I often trawl the internet for poems and quotes, things that go with my mood and how I am feeling at a particular point in my life. Today I am filled with Wanderlust, the urgent need to travel and to escape the everyday of normal life. 

Today is a Wanderlust day...


i am: MARRIED - Adam & Sarah

Sarah and Adam's wedding was filled with a whole lot of love, and crying and love, and crying! It was a beautiful day which started out in Moulton where Sarah got dressed at her Grandad's house and then we set off to the church two minutes down the road. A beautiful ceremony followed by a massive thunderstorm and then sunshine... A beautiful day filled with beautiful people and I am so happy I was there to share it with you both. I love you guys!