i.am: ALL WOMAN ~ Jenna

Me and Jenna go way back...to primary school, I live in the UK and she lives in Cape Town, since I have started photography I have wanted to photograph my friend, its been a few years and we are like two passing ships in the night, we keep missing each other. As luck would have it we made some time for each other this time around, and man am I glad we did, I LOVED taking her portrait, she is a model (you cant tell?!?) and she is good at her job, thanks Jen, till the next time xxx

I submitted this photo for a bursary scholarship, it was the first click of the camera for the day and it remains my absolute favourite photo, hands down.


Anonymous said...

She is ridiculously hot. These are beautiful!

i.am.tamryn said...

thanks so much, i appreciate that, and yes, she is ridiculously hot!! ha!