i.am: Kiran Lall of RedRock Fasion

Introducing Kiran Lall, a truly talented seamstress and all round nice girl. She is the brains behind the awesome label RedRock Fasion  and is going places people so watch out! We had the most awesome day together hanging out at a lecture Kiran gave at one of her local schools, then we hit our location to shoot some personal photos for her...the sun shone the whole way and this girl makes me LAUGH...HARD. Love you Kiran, you are amazing, gorgeous and insanely talented...cant wait to collaborate with you some more, you complete me...haha!

always hiding behind those glasses...but wait!!


Anonymous said...

Kiran, you will always RedRock my world... copy written... haha, its my best line so far!

Mary Marantz said...

Oooh LOVE the cameras!! Great session!

Anonymous said...

Ah I LOVE you Tamryn...
y new blog is: