i am: ENGAGED ~ David and Holly

I was so excited to do David and Holly's engagement shoot, they live in London and asked me to come up and get some photos of them. I know David through going to the same school and playing golf with my brother and Holly I met for the first time, but she is also a friend of a friend through the grapevine that is my old school. I love it and I was so pleased to meet up with them and get some awesome photos at the same time. I just wanted to thank them both for a wonderful afternoon, the sun came out for us and it really was a beautiful spring day! Good luck to you both and enjoy your wedding in Cape Town guys! I am sure it is going to be filled with a lot of love and family and friends xxx

**(I went a bit crazy on the black and white shots in this post, but I couldnt help myself this time around, they were really my favourites and I couldnt leave them out! :)**

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