I am loving life right now and this is mostly down to fact that I am growing and learning about photography every single day! This past month I have taken some serious steps in developing myself, and more importantly my little business.

I was so happy that I could take that first real step with Christine Meintjes. Christine was my wedding photographer, she was also the first person who's blog I followed religiously throughout my wedding planning journey and you know what, I made the right choice, this is one determined, caring, thoughtful and totally awesome person. If you ever get the chance to take one of her FUNshops,  RUN! dont wait to sign up, do it now! It has been more beneficial than any book or online course I have read or seen on the web so far!

We also got some inspiration from the very inspirational Monica Dart, and this was a double treat!! Both respected industry proffesionals teaching little old me about my passion, sharing their passion and I was blown away! I still am!

We arrived in London and it was 2 days of fun, laughter, business, camera's and I was in heaven. We also got the ooportunity to run around London like a little wolf pack, snapping away at our GORGEOUS models for the day, Alexis and John. Alexis has a great blog called OMG Im Getting Married and if you have not seen the fabulousness on there....where have you been hiding!

Here is the results of our 2 days with Christine and Monica, Thanks to everyone who was there, all of the ladies that attended are fabulous, gifted and definitely people that I admire. So thank you everyone for making it so memorable and special!

See!! Amazing!! Catherine Parnell did our make up for us, here she is on the right!! Brilliant all round!!!


Brosnan Photographic said...

So great to see your photos! So great to meet you too! I wish you all the best with your business!

Alex said...

Beautiful photos!! It's so great to read from someone who is so passionate and excited to do what they do and learn as much as they can!! Keep up the fantastic work, Tamryn!!