i.am: FASHION FORWARD ~ RedRock Tee's

So about 2 weeks ago, my friend Kiran asked me about shooting some tee's that she has and wanted to put up in her shop. I was excited because her style is quirky, off the wall and never dull to shoot! EVER! its been 2 years since we did our first shoot and man have a few things changed since then :) We have both grown tremendously and I love this lady...Kiran you are a true artist, cant wait to see where this adventure leads you and how you develop even further. A big thanks goes to Lisa, the model for the day, and Alanda, who did our off the chart make up for us :))

what a great day out with all of the ladies, and here are a few of the getting ready part, because it actually took us longer to do that than anything else!! Although it rained all morning so we had alot of prep time. Lovely ladies, thank you all!


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Beautiful work. Lovin the styling.